Programs and

Programs and

Heluna Health specializes in a range of financial, administrative, and operational support services, including human resources and contracts and grants management, so that our partners can concentrate on helping people in need.

Become a partner—we can provide a mission-aligned 501(c) 3 “umbrella” for your program or provide administrative support for the execution of your next health or social services initiative.

Your Support Team

Partners receive support from a team of Heluna Health professionals who help maximize potential and provide the capacity and flexibility you need to focus on the communities you serve.

Support Services

Heluna Health implements evidence-based, innovative population health programs in local communities that address social, environmental, and economic conditions. We provide essential programs in breastfeeding and nutrition, early literacy, maternal support, disease prevention, outbreak preparedness, food security, and youth empowerment to improve health and life outcomes. Building on decades of expertise in public health, Heluna Health is committed to enhancing health security for all.

Breastfeeding and Nutrition Services

Nutrition and breastfeeding support services help clinical providers meet patient needs and improve health equity in high-need communities.

We manage the largest local WIC agency (the federally-funded Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, or WIC) in the country, serving approximately 3% of the nation’s total and 23% of California’s WIC recipients.

Early literacy parent engagement intervention.

Breastfeeding support groups and education started by and for African-American families.

Our dedication to meeting the needs of population health and social service workers extends to delivering quality education and providing professional training pathways. We leverage our decades-long experience to inspire, advance, and activate mission-driven professionals to improve health outcomes in the communities where they serve.

Skill Builders

Heluna Health Skill Builders

Providing on-demand courses for key cohorts of the population health/social service workforce, starting with Community Health Workers (CHWs) in California.
Heluna Health offers a wide array of training and certificate courses for key cohorts of the population health/social service workforce, starting with Community Health Workers (CHWs) in California. Leveraging a robust learning management system to help identify gaps in knowledge, monitor progress, and produce user dashboard to ensure that learners get the full benefit of the Skill Builders courses. In addition to posted course offerings, we work with partners to develop or host custom courses to serve the broader public health and social services workforce.

Internships & Practicums

Heluna Health is building a diverse pipeline of population health leaders by expanding opportunities for public health internships and practicum experiences. We partner with academic institutions across the country to offer opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds through our direct service and partner programs dedicated to advancing health equity. Our community-based Breastfeeding Nutrition Services team also extends diversity-focused opportunities via our Dietetic Internship for Registered Dietician Nutritionists (RDNs) and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (LCE/IBCLC) Internship programs.


Our teams represent diverse perspectives and backgrounds to perform a broad range of population health interventions.

Heluna Health provides thought leadership in public health research, providing valuable resources for communities, officials, researchers and policy makers. INSIGHTS foregrounds Heluna Health’s knowledge base, the strength of research and analysis, and the essential partnerships that the organization continues to build.

Research and Evaluation

Providing valuable resources for communities, officials, researchers, and policymakers, on important issues in the field of public health.


2022 NACCHO Preparedness Summit

2022 Milken Institute Future of Health Summit

2022 Future of Maternal Care Summit

Heluna Health has assembled a team of professional and academic experts and those with valuable lived experience, who are passionate about promoting equitable health outcomes. Our network of public health professionals and affiliated consultants offers decades of experience and trusted relationships working with hundreds of community-based population health and social service organizations. By utilizing the expert advice and consultation, technical assistance, and collaborative partnership opportunities of our team, organizations can better reach their goals so that members of the communities they serve are able to lead healthier lives.

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